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Designing connections that balance regional mobility and local access

From rural highway off-ramps to complex freeway interchanges, Parametrix helps agencies plan and design interchanges that safely and efficiently move traffic from one road to another. We help agencies with freeway and local operational analysis for highway and local corridors, and have provided analysis for numerous interchange justification reports (IJR), interchange modification reports (IMR) interchange access modifications, and corridor studies. Our staff have developed great working relationships with FHWA and state DOT staff and can guide you through the approval process.

Mogollon Reconstruction | Parametrix
NM 159 Drainage and Roadway Reconstruction 
Mogollon, NM
Client: NMDOT

NM-159 and associated drainage structures were heavily damaged, and in most areas completely washed out, following a major flood in September 2013. As a result, access to the historic mining town of Mogollon and the surrounding Gila National Forest was severely limited. This project to restore 2 miles of highway, providing safe, permanent access for residents and tourists, received FHWA Emergency Relief funding. This required that all design and permits and approvals had to be completed and obtained within 9 months. Parametrix was the lead designer and environmental consultant for the project involving several bridges, culverts, and water crossings. The surrounding historic district, archaeological sites, and complex array of private property ownership created challenges for the design. The project involved extensive public involvement activities, where the team developed and implemented a public involvement plan to engage the area’s 54 property owners in the design and environmental process.



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