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Third-Party Recruitment Partnerships

Parametrix has an in-house recruiting team that focuses exclusively on the hiring needs of our firm. Although our recruitment team is able to fill the majority of positions without assistance, there are occasions in which we do partner with external recruiting resources to fulfill specific recruiting needs. When such an occasion arises, our recruiting team connects first with external recruiters with whom we have well-established relationships and then will seek assistance from additional external recruiters if needed. To ensure our recruitment efforts are well-ordered, we have established the following policy.

All external recruiters must have a signed, written agreement in place signed by Parametrix’s Department of Human Resources to receive payment for placement. Verbal or written commitments from any other member of the Parametrix staff will not be binding. Agreements are reviewed and updated/discontinued regularly. Agreements must be dated no later than one year prior to the date of resume submission.

Parametrix will not pay a fee to external recruiters who do not have signed, written agreements in place. Any resume submitted to any employee of Parametrix by an external recruiter who does not have a signed, written agreement with Parametrix will be considered property of Parametrix and Parametrix will not be held liable to pay a placement fee.

Fees will only be paid to external recruiters who have coordinated their recruiting activity with a member of the Human Resources Recruiting Team. Resumes are only to be sent to the Human Resources Recruiting Team at Contact should not be made with any other Parametrix staff without prior approval from the Human Resources Recruiting Team.

It is the responsibility of all third-party recruiting and staffing agencies to know this policy.