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Recruitment Process

Finding the right fit for you

As a 100% employee-owned firm, we place a great deal of emphasis on recruiting, supporting, and retaining great employee-owners. We are excited that you’re considering Parametrix and look forward to working with you throughout the recruitment process.

Questions You Might Have

How do I apply?
Simply select the Career Opportunities link to view available positions, create a personal profile, submit a resume, and apply for open positions. The site is interactive, user-friendly, and provides the most up-to-date information about positions.

How long does the recruitment process take?
Because we’re searching for co-owners as well as co-workers, we’re very selective. We sometimes find the ideal candidate right away, but other times it takes much longer. We fill positions based on team and project needs. It is important to us that you’re certain you’re making the right decision in joining our firm, and we want to ensure that you’re what we’re looking for in a fellow employee-owner, all of which can take time. And when you are being considered we work hard to keep you updated along the way.

Can I apply for more than one position?
Yes. Our hiring teams span the company and have different needs. If you have already applied for a position and see another that interests you, please apply. While you might not be what one team is looking for, you may just be another team’s ideal candidate.

Will someone from Parametrix contact me regarding my application, even if I’m not selected for the position?
No. You will receive a confirmation email when you first apply for a position, but hiring teams will only directly contact those candidates whom they are interested in considering further.

What should I anticipate if I’m asked to take part in a phone interview?
As a first step in the recruitment process, a recruiter may invite you to participate in a phone interview. Those candidates who are contacted for a phone interview can anticipate one of the most relaxed interviews of the job hunt! The recruiter will call you at a mutually agreed upon time and you'll spend 30-45 minutes chatting casually about your experience, interest in Parametrix, and what you’d bring to the team.

What should I expect if I’m invited to participate in an interview?
Following the phone interview, you may be invited to come in and meet some of the nicest engineers, scientists, and planners in the industry! Our in-person interviews generally last an hour and will provide an opportunity for you to meet the recruiter, hiring manager, and other employee-owners you may be working with one day. Our team will want to hear about your experience, interest in Parametrix, and what you’d bring to the team. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions about the position, the firm, people you would be working with, projects you might be working on, and anything else that comes to mind. 

How will I know what’s happening with the position I’m interested in?
You can easily find out what’s happening with a specific position by opening the position you’re interested in and viewing the Recruitment Status. Updates are made as the status changes, so the information is the most current update available. The updates will include:

  • Accepting Applications: The recruitment team is accepting applications and reviewing them as they are received.
  • Reviewing Applications: The recruitment team is considering the candidates who have already applied and will review new applications as needed.
  • Phone Interviews:  Top candidates are being invited to participate in phone interviews. In some cases, multiple phone interviews may be requested. All candidates who participate in phone interviews will be notified about the status of their candidacy following the interview. 
  • In-person Interviews:  Top candidates who have previously participated in phone interviews are being invited to participate in in-person interviews. In some cases, candidates may be invited to another interview to meet additional members of the Parametrix team. All candidates who participate in in-person interviews will be notified about the status of their candidacy following the interview.
  • Reference and Background Checks: References and a background check authorization form will be requested of top candidates who have previously participated in phone and in-person interviews. Candidates will be notified prior to us contacting references and conducting a background check and will be kept current on the status of their candidacy.
  • Extending Offer: An offer of employment is being extended to the final candidate. Should the offer be accepted, the position will close and it will be removed from the website. Should the offer be declined, the recruitment team will update the recruitment status appropriately.

Are background checks required?
Yes, background checks are conducted on all new employee-owners. Generally background checks are conducted after candidates have been interviewed. You will be notified directly if the firm would like to conduct a background check as part of our standard recruitment process and asked to complete a background check authorization form.

Should I mail a resume or visit an office to complete an application?
Our recruiters have immediate access to your resume and application through our online system, so creating an awesome online profile is a much better use of your time than mailing a resume or visiting an office. That being said, if you need an accommodation to create an online profile please contact us at

What if I want to work in a different location?
Parametrix prides itself on providing opportunities for employee-owners to maintain a healthy work/life balance and working with employee-owners to create the optimal work environment. Sometimes it's possible for employee-owners to work outside their designated office, either from home, at a project site, or simply at another office and sometimes a flexible arrangement doesn’t work depending on position, client needs, and collaborative teaming arrangements. If you’re concerned about the location of a position you’re interested in, please talk with your recruiter to determine if an alternative arrangement may be made.

Does Parametrix employ students?
Yes, full-time students who are currently enrolled in college courses are eligible for internship positions. Parametrix strives to provide challenging, hands-on project experience to students entering our industry. Specific internship positions are rarely posted and fill quickly. If you are interested in pursuing such an opportunity, please submit your application and resume through our website.

Meet Our Recruiter Laurel


“I am passionate about finding the best employee-owners to join our team. Throughout the recruitment process, I work closely with our hiring teams to identify candidates who will provide top notch client service, deliver cool projects, and continue to strengthen our firm’s reputation. I am proud to recruit for Parametrix!”


“I found the recruiting process at Parametrix to be very open and accommodating. The interviews were fairly informal and unscripted, which made me feel comfortable. The recruitment team got back to me quickly following interviews, and was flexible with scheduling to meet my needs. Taking a position at Parametrix meant I had to relocate and the team understood my circumstances and were open to working around my move.”

Marc K., employee-owner









“I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked for Parametrix over the past 14 years. During that time, I’ve been blessed with three children. Parametrix has fully supported my desire to work flexible and reduced hours so I could maintain a healthy work/life balance and be there for my family, while continuing to grow in my engineering profession.”

Cindy C., employee-owner