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Land Use Planning

Helping communities grow sustainably 

Communities are under more pressure than ever to balance growth and new development with essential services and environmental protection. Our planning process engages civic leaders, businesses, and citizens in a meaningful way to create a shared vision for your community’s future. The solutions we develop maintain efficient infrastructure, ensure quality of life, build a sense of community, preserve natural systems, and enrich lives.


  • Forest Grove | Parametrix

    Forest Grove Transit Oriented Development Strategic Plan

  • S Meridian Comp Plan | Parametrix

    South Meridian Comprehensive Plan Update

  • Lawson Hills & The Villages | Parametrix

    Lawson Hills & The Villages Master Plan Development EIS

  • NCNM Master Plan | Parametrix

    National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) Master Plan

  • Section 30 Sub Area Plan | Parametrix

    Section 30 Sub Area Refinement Plan

  • Tigard HCT Plan | Parametrix

    Tigard High Capacity Transit Corridor Plan

Community Building

“Parametrix exceeded our expectations on the [Cama Beach State Park] project. The team was resourceful, innovative, and dedicated to finding solutions to moving the project forward through each challenge.”

Jeanne Wahler, Program Manager formerly with Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission