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Land Use Planning

Helping communities grow sustainably 

Communities are under more pressure than ever to balance growth and new development with essential services and environmental protection. Our planning process engages civic leaders, businesses, and citizens in a meaningful way to create a shared vision for your community’s future. The solutions we develop maintain efficient infrastructure, ensure quality of life, build a sense of community, preserve natural systems, and enrich lives.

Mountain Accord | Parametrix

Mountain Accord
Central Wasatch Mountains, Utah

Client: Utah Transit Authority

The Mountain Accord is a three-county transportation, economic, and environmental planning project. The Parametrix team was tasked with providing a long-term planning solution for the Central Wasatch Mountains in the Salt Lake Region. The project area combines the state’s most urbanized area containing about 1.5 million residents and surrounding world class mountain tourism and recreation destinations. Parametrix led the two-phased project which included an initial planning study followed by a NEPA evaluation of specific actions that emerged from the study. The program addressed needs related to transportation including high capacity transit scenarios, watershed protection, economic development, recreation, and land use. The team evaluated a variety of potential scenarios that combine economic development, land use, and environmental/watershed protection strategies with major transit improvements to connect population, employment, and recreation destinations.



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