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Communities are under more pressure than ever to balance growth and new development with essential services and environmental protection. Our planning process engages civic leaders, businesses, and citizens in a meaningful way to create a shared vision for your community’s future. The solutions we develop maintain efficient infrastructure, ensure quality of life, build a sense of community, preserve natural systems, and enrich lives.

Move to Higher Ground | Parametrix

Move to Higher Ground
LaPush, Washington

Client: Quileute Tribe

Most of the Quileute Tribe’s lands are located within tsunami and flood hazard zones, with many critical facilities less than 20 feet above sea level, and just hundreds of feet from the ocean and river. The Tribe has long been working to provide additional lands, on higher ground, out of the flood and tsunami zone. Land for the move was legislated in 2012. Parametrix prepared a master plan, using community outreach and numerous multi-day charrettes to develop a land use plan. This land use plan created zones to accommodate an Education Campus, Tribal Services Campus (government, judicial, health, and public works functions), Elders and Culture Campus, and commercial. An infrastructure master plan identified the roads, water, sewer, stormwater, power, and telecommunications needs to support the relocation. Infrastructure improvements will be completed in a comprehensive manner so that as individual building projects are funded, they can be designed and constructed to fit into an existing site.



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