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Parks & Recreation

Building healthy, active communities

Recreational facilities contribute to a community’s livability and support quality of life for residents. Parametrix partners with our clients to create places that promote healthy lifestyles, protect critical areas and natural systems, and restore important ecological functions. Well-designed and maintained parks and open spaces will help to positively shape the community’s image and increase property value.


  • Forest Ridge Park | Parametrix

    Forest Ridge Park

  • Julius M. Kleiner Park | Parametrix

    Julius M. Kleiner Park

  • Borup Park Concept Plan | Parametrix

    Borup Park Concept Plan

  • Cama Beach State Park | Parametrix

    Cama Beach State Park

  • Evergreen Rotary Park | Parametrix

    Evergreen Rotary Park

  • Kobayashi Park | Parametrix

    Kobayashi Park Master Plan

Community Building

“Parametrix staff has its heart and soul into the [Julius M. Kleiner Memorial Park] project. This is a legacy project not only for the Kleiners, but also for all involved with the project.”

Steve Siddoway, City of Meridian Parks & Recreation Director