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Protecting our connection to the past

Our archaeologists work to preserve our connections to past cultures through recovery, identification, and monitoring of artifacts and sites. We help our clients comply with Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act. Our archaeological testing and data recovery experience ranges from single-site eligibility testing to large, complex data recovery projects involving multiple sites and temporal affiliations. Parametrix maintains a laboratory equipped with the tools needed to conduct in-house artifact analysis and sample processing.

Resource Surveys for the San Juan Basin Energy Connect EIS | Parametrix

Resource Surveys for the San Juan Basin Energy Connect EIS
San Juan County, NM to La Plata County, CO

Client: Tri-State G&T

Tri-State is proposing to construct a new 230kV transmission line spanning nearly 70 miles through the San Juan Basin. Parametrix prepared the NEPA EIS and conducted cultural resources surveys. During the pedestrian survey, we recorded 146 archaeological sites in New Mexico; most were Pueblo I-III roomblocks (some as large as 75 rooms), artifacts scatters, and logistical locations. Historic sites included acequias and a segment of the Old Spanish National Historic Trail. The project area bisects a number of well-known archaeological areas including the Cedar Hill district (with one of the largest concentrations of Pueblo I villages in the Southwest), the Navajo homeland of Dinétah, and the Mesa Verde-period La Plata and Piñon Mesa communities. The Hopi Tribe and Navajo Nation have also identified a number of traditional cultural properties within the project area of potential effects and these resources have been incorporated into the larger cultural resource study.



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