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Exploring cultural interaction with the environment

Ethnography employs a holistic approach to understanding cultural and social issues. Our staff use an array of observational, participatory, and interviewing research techniques to gather both qualitative and quantitative data to help our clients comply with federal and state regulations. Our experience involves Native American consultation, identifying traditional cultural properties (TCPs), conducting oral history and ethnohistoric work, and assessing resources in relation to cultural landscapes.

Galisteo Basin Ethnographic Study | Parametrix

Galisteo Basin
Ethnographic Study
Galisteo, New Mexico

Client: Bureau of Land Management

The Galisteo Basin Archaeological Sites Protection Act (GBASPA) protects 24 archaeological sites totaling over 4,500 acres on multiple land jurisdictions in the Galisteo Basin. Parametrix completed an ethnographic study compiling information on the historical and contemporary relationships between modern Pueblo peoples and other Native American tribes with GBASPA. Parametrix collaborated with dozens of tribes from New Mexico, Arizona, and Oklahoma to document Native American connections to the area, and to gather their management recommendations. Project activities also included ethnographic fieldwork, in-depth archival research, and interviews with historians and other cultural experts. The project culminated with a report providing specific and general input from Native American tribes for the GBASPA. The information was also used in the BLM’s GBASPA Management Plan and Environmental Assessment.



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