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Recognizing and protecting historical sites

Parametrix guides our clients through identification, documentation, monitoring, and preservation of historical sites and properties in compliance with the National Historic Preservation Act. We determine the historic significance of bridges, buildings, landscapes, districts, and traditional cultural properties and develop documentation to protect those properties working with state and tribal historic preservation offices. Our experience includes directing archival research, historic building inventories, and historic bridge evaluations; documenting historic districts and acequias; and developing historic contexts.

Thornton Ranch Open Space Site  | Parametrix

Thornton Ranch
Open Space Site
New Mexico

Client: Santa Fe County

Santa Fe County is planning to develop the 1,904-acre Thornton Ranch Open Space site in the Galisteo Basin complete with visitor facilities, trailheads, and other recreational infrastructure. The site includes Petroglyph Hill and several other archaeological sites and sensitive ethnographic and historic resources. Parametrix is conducting cultural resources investigations and preservation planning for the site including cultural resources background research, archaeological surveys, historic built environment and ethnographic research, and resource planning. We are developing a comprehensive geodatabase of over 300 archaeological sites on the property to aid the County in interpreting and managing its cultural resources. The goal of this project is to find planning solutions that balance the public’s desire to access the open space with concerns other stakeholders have about the sensitive resources at the site.



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