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Mitigating environmental concerns

Hydropower is the renewable energy source that produces the most electricity in the United States. For many years, Parametrix has helped utility companies provide this electricity while minimizing impacts to fish, natural resources, and water quality and temperature. We routinely help utilities comply with Federal Energy Regulatory Commision (FERC) licensing requirements.

BC Hydro Environmental Stewardship Program | Parametrix

BC Hydro Environmental Stewardship Program
British Columbia Province-Wide, Canada

Client: BC Hydro

In 2004, BC Hydro adopted a visionary 20-year environmental long-term goal for environmental performance. The utility, a provincial Crown Corporation, set a goal that in 20 years, BC Hydro’s impact on the environment will be equal to or less than it was in 2004, even with the continuing growth of BC’s economy and population. Implicit in this visionary goal is the ability of BC Hydro to credibly measure and track its ecosystem impacts and ecologically beneficial activities. Parametrix worked with BC Hydro to provide guidance and develop a plan for BC Hydro to determine how to calculate the benefits and impacts of BC Hydro’s operations.



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