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Delivering pragmatic, science-based strategies to benefit our environment

Our team of biologists, ecologists, and environmental planners blend practical experience with scientific understanding to develop solutions that work. Our approach includes developing a range of strategies to manage risks, building on best practices, and streamlining the permitting and mitigation process. We help our clients comply with the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and achieve policy goals and directives, reduce regulatory compliance delays, reduce risk, improve stakeholder relationships, and improve the health and resiliency of our environment.

I-5 Columbia River Crossing Fish Hydroacoustics Study | Parametrix
I-5 Columbia River Crossing Fish Hydroacoustics Study
Vancouver, Washington to Portland, Oregon
Client: ​​​ODOT & WSDOT
Partner: David Evans & Associates

Up to 1,200 temporary steel piles will be needed to construct two new bridges over the Columbia River mainstem and five new bridges over a side channel. These piles will be installed using impact pile driving, which can harm sensitive fish species. The Columbia River is a migratory corridor to 13 ESA-listed species and eulachon.

In order to understand possible effects to sensitive species, we developed an approach to quantify the extent of injury on an annual basis for each listed species. This approach allowed us to model when fish would not likely be affected by pile driving activities leading to approval of an expanded annual in-water work window, which shortens the length of bridge construction by several years.

  • National Environmental Excellence Award for Best Available Environmental Technology, NAEP


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"Parametrix has field staff that is very knowledgeable in plant identification, soils, and ecology. They are excellent to work with and very willing to share their knowledge and experience in data collection."

Robin Honani, Manager, Hualapai Agriculture Program