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Delivering pragmatic, science-based strategies to benefit our environment

Our team of biologists, ecologists, and environmental planners blend practical experience with scientific understanding to develop solutions that work. Our approach includes developing a range of strategies to manage risks, building on best practices, and streamlining the permitting and mitigation process. We help our clients comply with the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and achieve policy goals and directives, reduce regulatory compliance delays, reduce risk, improve stakeholder relationships, and improve the health and resiliency of our environment.

Rio Grande Bosque Rehabilitation | Parametrix
Rio Grande Bosque Rehabilitation
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Client: Corps of Engineers

Over time, non-native plants and trees have increased their dominance in areas of the riparian forest known as the Bosque, which has increased wildfire risk. Since 2004, Parametrix has developed a series of forest revitalization projects along a 20-mile reach of the Middle Rio Grande; monitored revegetation and fuels reduction treatments; and developed a noxious weed management plan and other adaptive management plans. These projects have reduced the risk of fire, and protected and enhanced the habitat for the ESA-listed southwestern willow flycatcher and silvery minnow.



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"Parametrix has field staff that is very knowledgeable in plant identification, soils, and ecology. They are excellent to work with and very willing to share their knowledge and experience in data collection."

Robin Honani, Manager, Hualapai Agriculture Program