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Ecosystem Services

Enhancing benefits provided by nature

Ecosystem services are the benefits provided by natural landscapes and systems. Parametrix develops practical tools that improve decision-making by integrating ecosystems principles into program- and project-level applications. Using our ecosystem measurement approaches to quantify the potential impacts and/or benefits of a project, we have helped our clients improve business and regulatory processes, quantify expected benefits, measure the performance of restoration investments over time, and develop environmental debit and credit tracking registries.

West Hayden Island Ecosystem Services Optimization | Parametrix
West Hayden Island Ecosystem Services Optimization
Portland, Oregon
Client: City of Portland

This 800-acre island site in the Columbia River provides one of the best remaining opportunities for marine terminal development. However, it is also one of the few remaining cottonwood gallery habitats in the lower Columbia River and is widely viewed as being ecologically significant. Parametrix developed a restoration plan to maximize the ability of the site to provide ecological benefits. We compared potential site restoration scenarios with potential marine terminal development needs.


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