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Ecosystem Services

Enhancing benefits provided by nature

Ecosystem services are the benefits provided by natural landscapes and systems. Parametrix develops practical tools that improve decision-making by integrating ecosystems principles into program- and project-level applications. Using our ecosystem measurement approaches to quantify the potential impacts and/or benefits of a project, we have helped our clients improve business and regulatory processes, quantify expected benefits, measure the performance of restoration investments over time, and develop environmental debit and credit tracking registries.

Yarrow Creek Watershed | Parametrix
Yarrow Creek Watershed
King County, Washington
Client: ​WSDOT
Partner: HDR Engineering

Yarrow Creek is a small stream located within the Cedar River Watershed. The creek flows through a mixture of heavily developed land and open space before discharging directly into a wetland on the shores of Lake Washington. The watershed contains several large highway facilities, including I-405 and SR 520, and planned improvements to both facilities will trigger the need to redesign the stormwater management facilities to reach predevelopment detention levels. It is generally assumed that decreasing stormwater flows from urban impervious surfaces is beneficial. However, by applying EcoMetrix to assess current ecological conditions and predict future conditions expected to result from reduced stormwater flows, we demonstrated that proposed agency compliance criteria for stormwater treatment would actually result in reduced ecological values and would cause harm to stream hydrology.



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