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Transforming contaminated properties

Parametrix provides multi-disciplinary solutions for site remediation and redevelopment by combining our expertise in natural resource stewardship, community planning, and civil engineering. Through collaboration with public and private partners, we restore contaminated and blighted properties into sustainable development projects. We regularly help clients seek grants and funding for these efforts and gain regulatory approvals.

Asarco Smelter Site Restoration | Parametrix
Asarco Smelter Site Restoration
Tacoma, Washington
Client: Asarco and Washington State Department of Natural Resources

The remediation and redevelopment of this former smelter site along Commencement Bay provides a direct benefit to the natural environment and the surrounding community. For over 20 years, Parametrix has partnered with Asarco to develop sound site cleanup and redevelopment plans for this Superfund site. For example, we worked with regulators to develop a cost-effective way to remediate contaminated sediments located off-shore of the site. Our approach involved the construction and monitoring of an innovative sediment cap that saved millions of dollars compared to more conventional capping methods.

The 2-acre sediment cap was conducted as a pilot study. Several years of monitoring data indicates that the sediment cap is performing as expected and aquatic species are flourishing. In addition, we designed and secured required regulatory approvals to stabilize more than 1 mile of shoreline, install 20 acres of nearshore sediment cap, and dredge the Tacoma Yacht Club basin; and remove three large piers that covered 1.6 acres of marine habitat.



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