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Parametrix is recognized as a go-to firm in the West when it comes to developing and delivering high quality environmental documentation on the most complex and controversial projects. We have completed more than 200 EISs over the past 10 years. Our environmental documents ensure accountability, improve decision-making, engage the public, and protect critical elements of the natural and built environment. Our staff routinely trains environmental professionals nationally on improving the quality of NEPA documents and streamlined environmental program approaches.

San Juan Basin Energy Connect | Parametrix
San Juan Basin Energy Connect
San Juan County, New Mexico to LaPlata County, Colorado
Client: Bureau of Land Management
Project Proponent: Tri-State G&T Association, Inc.

The San Juan Basin located in northern New Mexico and southern Colorado is constrained by the existing electrical grid in the area and needs additional transmission to meet increasing demand and federal reliability standards. Tri-State is proposing to construct a new 230kV transmission line spanning nearly 70 miles. Parametrix is preparing a third-party NEPA EIS evaluating project effects. Key environmental issues include protecting and preserving important cultural and biological resources.



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