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Parametrix offers integrated management strategies to help industrial clients comply with federal, state, and local regulations. Our creative solutions avoid, minimize, and/or mitigate environmental impacts when technically and economically feasible. We are experienced in negotiating and obtaining required regulatory approvals and permits. Our clients are from the petroleum, mining, forest products, oil, gas, and chemical manufacturing industries.

Questa Mine Water Treatment Design | Parametrix
Questa Mine Water Treatment Design
Questa, New Mexico
Client: Chevron Mining, Inc.

The Questa molybdenum mine operated for nearly 100 years until its closure in 2014. It is located adjacent to the Red River and was added to the Superfund National Priorities List in 2011. Parametrix worked collaboratively with Chevron Environmental Management Company and Energy Technology Corporation to develop a unique, patentable water treatment process that will meet NPDES discharge standards for the Red River and fulfill long-term goals for management of mine water treatment. We researched and conducted bench-scale treatability testing of alternative water treatment technologies to remove heavy metals, sulfate, fluoride, and other pollutants. We then designed, constructed, and tested an onsite 20-gpm pilot treatment system which combines membrane separation with advanced chemical precipitation. The pilot study successfully achieved all goals and standards for water treatment performance. Parametrix also completed preliminary design drawings and specifications for the full-scale water treatment plant at the mine.



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