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Solid & Hazardous Waste

Reducing and safely processing solid waste

Public awareness and new technologies are changing the solid waste industry. Parametrix helps clients respond to these changes by developing cutting-edge solutions geared toward reducing waste and operating waste facilities in a sustainable manner. Our solutions use new technologies, improve productivity, reduce costs, and ensure effective environmental controls.

North Transfer Station | Parametrix
​North Transfer Station
Seattle, Washington
Client: City of Seattle
Partner: ​Camp, Dresser, & McKee

Seattle Public Utilities is replacing the current North Transfer Station with a more modern and efficient facility. Parametrix provided site civil design and permitting for the demolition of the existing station and design of the replacement transfer station. We modeled vehicle movements including all transfer trucks and trailers beneath the tipping floor of the building. The facility will have a combination of concrete pavement in locations of commercial vehicle traffic and asphalt pavement in public vehicle areas to reduce surfacing costs.



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