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Solid & Hazardous Waste

Reducing and safely processing solid waste

Public awareness and new technologies are changing the solid waste industry. Parametrix helps clients respond to these changes by developing cutting-edge solutions geared toward reducing waste and operating waste facilities in a sustainable manner. Our solutions use new technologies, improve productivity, reduce costs, and ensure effective environmental controls.

Simco Road Regional Landfill | Parametrix
Simco Road Regional Landfill
​Mountain Home, Idaho
Client: ​​Idaho Waste Systems

The Simco Road facility is one of two landfills serving the City of Boise. As part of our work at the landfill, we developed a conceptual design for a new evaporation lagoon facility; updated Simco’s landfill operations plan; developed reports on leachate and greenhouse gas emissions; updated the landfill master plan and cell sequence; and conducted semi-annual groundwater sampling and reporting.



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