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Solid & Hazardous Waste

Reducing and safely processing solid waste

Public awareness and new technologies are changing the solid waste industry. Parametrix helps clients respond to these changes by developing cutting-edge solutions geared toward reducing waste and operating waste facilities in a sustainable manner. Our solutions use new technologies, improve productivity, reduce costs, and ensure effective environmental controls.

Solar Evaporation Ponds | Parametrix
Solar Evaporation Ponds
Caldwell, Idaho
Client: J.R. Simplot
Partner: CDM Smith

Parametrix recently completed seven lined ponds for the J.R. Simplot Process Water Treatment & Return Plant located in Caldwell, ID. The ponds totaled 32 acres of lined area and provided 50 million gallons of storage capacity. The ponds were lined with a 10 ounce non-woven subgrade geotextile and a 60 mil HDPE geomembrane. The ponds included emergency storage lagoons, evaporation ponds and drying ponds. All ponds were designed, constructed, and seepage tested per Idaho DEQ requirements.

Parametrix completed a detailed cumulative effects review of related projects such as trails, street, and streetcar connections, supporting their expedited NEPA clearances. The EIS was completed in less than 3 years.



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