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3D Scanning & Modeling

Using technology for accuracy and efficiency

3D laser scanning and high definition surveying allows Parametrix to provide our clients with the highest level of precision in the shortest amount of time. With this technology, we can safely and efficiently complete surveys in locations where accessibility is difficult or unsafe, such as busy highways. Where no as-built drawings exist, we can rapidly collect highly accurate true to scale as-built data. This data can be transferred to CADD or Revit for use in project design or modeled for building information modeling (BIM) applications.

64-Car Ferry Assembly | Parametrix
64-Car Ferry Assembly
​​​Seattle, Washington
Client: ​​​Todd Pacific Shipyards (now Vigor Industrial)

Todd Pacific Shipyards began assembling the 64-car ferry Chetzmoka in 2007 for WSDOT. After constructing the hull at their shipyard, they needed to assemble many parts that had been built by other contractors at different locations around Puget Sound. Parametrix completed 3D scans at various locations to ensure the alignment of all parts. The data was used to determine where the various pieces of aluminum and steel needed to be cut to fit properly together. This process saved time and money, as an alternative to transporting parts for fitting.



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