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Alignment & Right-of-Way

Supporting acquisition and design of transportation corridors

Parametrix surveyors use the latest equipment and technology to determine route alignments, right-of-way, and property easements. We specialize in right-of-way research and analysis and preparation of plans and legal description exhibits for the acquisition process. Route surveys include existing and new highway corridors, recreational trails and railroad right-of-way, utility and transmission corridors, and easement alignments.

Local Overlays | Parametrix
Local Overlays
Ada County, Idaho
Client: ​Ada County Highway District

Approximately 5 miles of urban roadways were surveyed as part of an annual overlay program to establish the existing edge of pavement, lip of gutter, and back of sidewalk. Surface utilities within the roadway (sanitary and storm sewer rims, water valve cans) were surveyed for the purpose of identifying the need to adjust these utilities to grade. Surveys were performed at 58 intersections.



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