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Asset Management

Asset management systems allow our clients to comprehensively manage their infrastructure assets, whether those are utilities, roads, transit, or other infrastructure. Our team can help you develop an asset management system to document historical information and the condition, location, and quantity of your assets. With this easily accessible information, your team will be able to visualize, analyze, and explore the many pieces of asset related data to make better decisions about maintenance and capital investments.

Mobile Mapping | Parametrix
Mobile Mapping Inventory Pilot Project
​​Snohomish County, Washington
Client: ​Snohomish County

As a pilot project for Snohomish County Public Works, Parametrix completed mobile mapping of approximately 3 miles of urban county roadways. Field data was collected using the Topcon IPS-2 3D mobile mapping package. Subsequent features were auto extracted from the point cloud data with tabular data attached for future input. Features extracted included items related to traffic and pedestrian services, traffic management features, surfaces (sidewalks, asphalt, curbs, etc.) and barrier features such as walls and guard rails. Based on the results of our work, the County was able to make an informed decision on how to proceed forward with a county-wide inventory project.



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Survey & Geospatial Services

“The survey work and documentation has proven to be accurate, well documented, and very helpful in resolving infrastructure problems on the west (Capitol) campus. The attitude of the Parametrix staff has always reflected the highest professional standards and a genuine commitment to excellence.”

David Scott, former Washington State Department of General Administration Facilities Senior Planner