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Boundary & Cadastral Surveying

Following in the footsteps of the original surveyors

Determining and defining land ownership and boundaries is necessary prior to the approval of land and resource transactions or development. Surveying boundaries requires skills in records research, analytical thinking, knowledge of history and law, and applying the importance of physical evidence gathered in the field. Parametrix surveyors accurately determine property line locations and perform large scale cadastral survey retracement for federal agencies. We are experienced at performing ALTA (American Land Title Association) surveys.

Kaaland Cadastral Survey | Parametrix
​Kaaland Cadastral Survey 
​​Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest, Washington
Client: ​​U.S. Forest Service

This project involved a boundary survey lying within two sections on the Skagit River. The survey included the recovery and perpetuation of five PLSS corners, marking and posting of the section and government lot lines involving the setting of inter-visible posts with signs and blazing of trees. The history of river movement since 1877 was researched as the basis for decisions regarding accretion or avulsion for current government lot upland boundary ownerships. The project area included a formerly meandered slough and upland ownerships between federal, state, and private parties. Reconnaissance of the old slough bed and river were completed through conventional topographic surveying and LiDAR mapping, as well as apportionment of accretions according to original river frontage between parties.



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“You have demonstrated your expertise in PLSS section subdivision, county subdivision code compliance, and state and federal regulation on many projects.”

Bill Drummond, former USFWS, Regional Land Surveyor