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Construction Surveying

Translating plans into the built environment

Construction staking is a crucial step in the building process. Our surveyors understand construction plans and specifications, and accurately layout reference points and markers to guide construction as intended by the designer. Parametrix survey crews have performed construction staking and as-built surveys on a variety of projects ranging from simple to highly complicated construction. We are known for our creative, out-of-the-box solutions to challenges that arise in the field.

Cedar Hills Regional Landfill | Parametrix
Cedar Hills Regional Landfill 
King County, Washington
Client: ​​​King County

For a number of consecutive years, Parametrix has provided construction management and surveying services for the development of new areas and the closure of other areas this regional landfill. During the excavation of two new cells in areas 6 and 7, Parametrix completed topographic mapping to document existing conditions for design purposes and also monitored landfill settlement.



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