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Property Acquisition & Segregation

Navigating land use issues

Parametrix knows how to navigate through land use processes of many municipal agencies for the acquisition and/or segregation of property.  We understand local land use regulations, which is key to assisting our clients through the process.

Seabrook Survey | Parametrix
Seabrook - A New Beach Town 
Pacific Beach, Washington
Client: Seabrook Land Company

Seabrook, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, is a new traditional neighborhood of beautiful coastal cottages built on 88 acres. A trail down to the beach has two decks and a gazebo within the shoreline boundary. Using a combination of aerial photography, GPS control surveying, and traditional field mapping, Parametrix surveyors completed boundary surveying, design mapping, construction layout, and platting. Changing project conditions required prompt service and we regularly responded to our client’s request within 24 hours. The project has involved six phases of platting to date, coordination with Grays Harbor County staff, and preparation of numerous easements and other descriptions for title documents.



  • Seabrook Survey | Parametrix

    Seabrook - A New Beach Town

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