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Topographic Surveying for Design

Preparing reliable site information

Parametrix surveyors provide high quality information on existing site conditions to support design teams. In doing so, we reduce design risks and construction costs. We use the latest equipment and technology to provide reliable documentation of existing topography, above ground structures, and utilities. All features, both manmade and natural, are documented.

Sullivan Road West Bridge Replacement | Parametrix
Sullivan Road West Bridge Replacement 
Spokane Valley, Washington
Client: City of Spokane Valley

This project involved design and construction of a 4-lane, 4-span bridge over the Spokane River, located in Spokane Valley just north of I-90. Parametrix performed the topographic surveying and existing right-of-way determination. The topographic work also included performing a cross-section of the Spokane River and determination of the ordinary high water mark of the Spokane River. Additionally, right-of-way acquisition and construction easement descriptions and maps were prepared. Right-of-Way plans were prepared along with submittal to the State Department of Natural Resources for an aquatic easement across the Spokane River. We also coordinated utility relocations of sewer, water, power, gas and telecommunications. Parametrix provided construction inspection services for the project.



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