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Providing economic, social, and environmental value

Parametrix is committed to providing sustainable solutions that improve environmental stewardship and social equity, while providing economic benefits. From low impact development and green building solutions,  to measuring greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change we help our clients integrate sustainability measures into a variety of projects. Examples of our sustainable solutions are illustrated throughout many pages on this site; here are just a few samples.

Donkey Creek Restoration | Parametrix
Donkey Creek Restoration 
Gig Harbor, Washington
Client: City of Gig Harbor

Until the early 1950s, Donkey Creek flowed freely from its headwaters to Austin Estuary and into Gig Harbor Bay. In the 1950s, much of the estuary was filled in and a 300-foot-long, 36-inch-wide culvert was installed to divert the creek beneath Harborview Drive. The goal of this project was to daylight Donkey Creek, restoring it and associated estuarine habitat to its near natural condition. The project evolved into a phased program of improvements to Austin Estuary and Donkey Creek with reconfigured roadways, a new 80-foot-long bridge over Donkey Creek, and a 14-foot-wide shared use trail linking Austin Park to Donkey Creek Park along the waterfront.

  • Project of the Year, Environmental - Less than $5M, APWA Washington Chapter, 2014


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