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Providing economic, social, and environmental value

Parametrix is committed to providing sustainable solutions that improve environmental stewardship and social equity, while providing economic benefits. From low impact development and green building solutions,  to measuring greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change we help our clients integrate sustainability measures into a variety of projects. Examples of our sustainable solutions are illustrated throughout many pages on this site; here are just a few samples.

I-5 CRC | Parametrix
I-5 Columbia River Crossing 
Vancouver, Washington to Portland, Oregon
Client: WSDOT & ODOT
Partner: David Evans & Associates

Parametrix developed a sustainability strategy for the I-5 CRC that outlines 11 sustainability goals, including increased carbon sequestration, improved air and water quality, and reduced urban heat island effect. The strategy focuses on avoiding and minimizing impacts and achieving a sustainable, high-performing mix of travel options. The project team is committed to reducing the quantities of materials and energy required for construction and operation, reusing materials, recycling suitable materials from existing infrastructure, and minimizing the transport of materials by using locally-available reused and recycled construction materials. The team has analyzed anticipated climate change impacts and developed adaptation strategies to increase resilience and reduce long-term operation and maintenance costs. Daily greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks crossing the I-5 and I-205 bridges are anticipated to be reduced by approximately 9.5 percent.



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