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Providing economic, social, and environmental value

Parametrix is committed to providing sustainable solutions that improve environmental stewardship and social equity, while providing economic benefits. From low impact development and green building solutions,  to measuring greenhouse gas emissions and preparing for the impacts of climate change we help our clients integrate sustainability measures into a variety of projects. Examples of our sustainable solutions are illustrated throughout many pages on this site; here are just a few samples.

San Carlos Apache Tribe | Parametrix
San Carlos Apache Tribe Solar Feasibility Assessment 
San Carlos, Arizona
Client: San Carlos Apache Tribe

Parametrix prepared a successful Department of Energy grant application and evaluated the feasibility of developing a commercial-scale solar energy system on the Reservation. The objectives were to develop an actionable roadmap for realizing energy security and independence, while reducing long-term energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions in a culturally-sensitive manner, and ultimately support the Tribe’s economic development goals. We developed energy baseline information and and inventory of greenhouse gas emissions from current facilities. We helped the Tribe develop a strategy to explore environmental markets, including developing renewable energy credits to offset system development and tribal energy costs.



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