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Bridges and structures provide critical connections for our transportation system. Parametrix’s structural engineers develop solutions that balance technology and complex site considerations to reduce cost, construction time, and impacts to the human and natural environment. We help clients locate, survey, design, inspect, and maintain bridges, highway structures, and other unique structures.

Deschutes River Trail Boardwalk | Parametrix
Deschutes River Trail Boardwalk
Bend, Oregon
Client: Oregon Parks and Recreation

The Deschutes River Trail is part of a regional trail system in central Oregon. About a mile and a half from Tumalo State Park, the trail abruptly runs into a large boulder field in a deep canyon, which effectively ended the trail. Parametrix and OPRD partnered to design a boardwalk-style path that is level and flat enough to allow wheelchair access. The boardwalk was constructed by OPRD staff. The team determined general alignment for the boardwalk and identified boulders that would be stable enough to serve as anchors. Design details were finalized in the field, as the team adapted to the needs of the project and its terrain. The boardwalk design and materials minimize impacts to the natural setting and require minimal maintenance. The site could only be accessed by foot or bike, which imposed constraints on the type of design and materials used. FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) grates were used for the boardwalk surface because it is lightweight, has an open cell structure that allows rain and snow to pass through, and it requires little maintenance. Railings are constructed of corten steel, which is designed to rust, eliminating the need for painting, and providing a stable, rust-like appearance while exposed to the weather.

  • Small Project Award, ACEC Oregon, 2018



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