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Fish Passage Improvements

Solutions that prioritize fish passage for habitat enhancement and improved migration

Parametrix has long been dedicated to recovering salmon species, river systems, and aquatic habitats. Our professionals combine complex engineering and infrastructure issues with hydrology, science, and best practices to delivery projects that help to recover fish passage and restore the ecological values of rivers and streams.

Burnside bridge
Earthquake Ready Burnside Bridge
Portland, Oregon
Client: Multnomah County
Partner: HDR Engineering

The Burnside Bridge, built in 1926, over the Willamette River is designated as the primary east-west emergency transportation route through Portland in the case of a major earthquake. Multnomah County is conducting this feasibility study and NEPA EIS to either replace or rehabilitate the structure to create a seismically-resilient Burnside Street lifeline crossing of the river. Parametrix is providing engineering services as part of a larger team to identify alternatives that balance stakeholder input, technical needs, costs, and County values as well as environmental impacts and benefits. Public input and criteria scoring have reduced the number of options from more than 100 to 4 alternatives (1 retrofit and 3 replacement), which are being further evaluated in the NEPA EIS phase.

Project Website:  https://multco.us/earthquake-ready-burnside-bridge



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