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Bridges & Structures

Designing innovative structural solutions

Bridges and structures provide critical connections for our transportation system. Parametrix’s structural engineers develop solutions that balance technology and complex site considerations to reduce cost, construction time, and impacts to the human and natural environment. We help clients locate, survey, design, inspect, and maintain bridges, highway structures, and other unique structures.

Columbia County Bridge | Parametrix
Columbia County Bridge Replacements 
Columbia County, Oregon
Client: Columbia City

As part of the OTIA III program to repair or replace hundreds of bridges statewide, seven structures in Columbia County were replaced. The existing concrete or timber structures ranged in length from 20 to 80 feet. Parametrix designed and obtained permits for the replacement prestressed concrete structures varying in length from 40 to 110 feet. The bridges were constructed in two phases. Construction scenarios were carefully planned to accommodate restrictive in-water work, since listed fish species access six of the seven bridge sites. Construction was staged to maintain traffic.



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