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Roadway and Highway Design

Designing infrastructure to safely and efficiently move people and goods

Providing safe and efficient roads and highways is more challenging today due to limited funding and increasingly complex regulatory processes. Parametrix works with clients to develop solutions that are cost effective and minimize disruption to users and the environment. We incorporate LID, green streets, and complete streets principles to create appealing, safe, and sustainable transportation right-of-ways.

Rowan Avenue Rehabilitation | Parametrix
Rowan Avenue Rehabilitation 
Spokane, Washington
Client: City of Spokane

Rowan Avenue is a principal east-west arterial on the north side of Spokane. The existing roadway was failing badly with areas of alligatoring and ponding of stormwater. There had been previous pavement overlays of the roadway, creating minimal curb exposure and drainage problems. This project involved the complete removal and replacement of asphalt paving, curb to curb for a 2-mile section of Rowan Avenue. Existing drainage structures were sub-standard, so new structures, swales, and landscaping were designed to improve flow and treatment of stormwater runoff. Curbs and sidewalks were also updated per ADA standards. It also involved a new traffic signalization for one main intersection. Parametrix provided civil design, survey, and construction services.


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