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Traffic Engineering

Developing safe and efficient transportation systems

Parametrix works with clients to improve traffic conditions and travel patterns to safely and efficiently move people and vehicles. This involves comprehensive analyses of existing and projected traffic conditions, traffic operations, intersection and traffic signal analyses and design, travel demand modeling and forecasting, and transportation demand management. Our traffic engineers are proficient in the use of current traffic modeling and analysis software including HCS, CUBE, SIDRA, Synchro, Sim Traffic, CORSIM, VISSIM, and VISUM.

Uptown Pedestrian Study | Parametrix
Uptown Pedestrian Study 
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Client: ​Mid-Region Council of Governments

Albuquerque’s Uptown area contains one of the largest shopping districts in the city and experiences high levels of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. This study identified potential improvements to promote pedestrian safety without sacrificing vehicular flow throughout the area. Parametrix began the project by collecting data, including traffic counts, pedestrian and bicyclist counts, and crash records. We then identified “deficient” areas where the infrastructure did not meet PROWAG and/or the walkability goals established by Uptown planning guidelines and made recommendations to correct these deficiencies. These recommendations often involved decreasing the number of lanes a pedestrian had to safely navigate to cross a street. The recommendations were simulated using Synchro/SimTraffic to assess the impacts on traffic operations. Numerous presentations were made to stakeholders, and all recommendations were well-received.



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