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Providing safe, convenient routes for pedestrians and bicyclists

Non-motorized facilities weave our communities together, improve livability, and promote healthy lifestyles. Parametrix designs safe spaces dedicated to people and seamless connections to places where people live, work, and play.

East Lake Sammamish Trail | Parametrix
​East Lake Sammamish Trail 
​​Issaquah to Redmond, Washington
Client: ​King County

The 11-mile East Lake Sammamish Trail crosses three jurisdictions and involves dozens of streams and over 70 wetlands. Its alignment follows the former BNSF railroad corridor on the east side of Lake Sammamish. Parametrix managed the consultant team for this project that involved multiple jurisdictions and permitting requirements, intense public interest, and multiple environmental concerns including wetlands, steep slopes, and unstable soils. After the master plan was completed, an interim use, gravel trail was opened to provide the community with a trail as soon as possible. Once that trail opened, environmental documentation and design for the wider, paved permanent trail was completed. Parametrix also assisted the County in obtaining several grants for the project.



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“I wanted to thank you and the Parametrix team for the outstanding support you have provided the County on the East Lake Sammamish Trial Project. Parametrix’s complete understanding of the controversies surrounding the East Lake Sammamish Trail Project, the complexities in dealing with multiple jurisdictions, and the difficulties with regard to constraints surrounding the County’s budget has been critical in Parametrix and the County’s ability to identify and quantify risks associated with the project’s cost and schedule.”

Gina Auld, King County