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Transportation Planning

Planning transportation improvements that
positively impact our community

Parametrix helps clients plan transportation improvements that improve livability, increase efficiency, and provide mobility choices. From comprehensive regional transportation plans to corridor studies and intersection optimization, we consider all travel modes, traffic patterns, and environmental issues to create a plan that is right for your community.

Foothill Drive Implementation Plan | Parametrix
Foothill Drive Implementation Plan
Salt Lake City, Utah
Client: Salt Lake City

The Foothill Drive Implementation Strategy is a partnership among Salt Lake City and five other regional agencies and organizations. The project addressed issues along the Foothill Corridor such as traffic congestion, neighborhood connections, safety, and transportation options by recommending a suite of transportation and urban design projects. Parametrix developed a base scenario to illustrate the current constraints and opportunities of the corridor and developed and evaluated a series of alternative future scenarios. Parametrix worked closely with a Steering Committee that included representation from all project partners and facilitated an extensive public outreach process for the local community that involved nearly 1,000 members of the greater region. The process was highly successful – resulting in a preferred scenario endorsed by all project partners that leveraged a new HOV lane and a multi-use path on Foothill Drive as well as increased transit service, streetscape improvements, intersection improvements, active transportation links, and travel demand management strategies focused on the University of Utah.



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