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Transportation Planning

Planning transportation improvements that
positively impact our community

Parametrix helps clients plan transportation improvements that improve livability, increase efficiency, and provide mobility choices. From comprehensive regional transportation plans to corridor studies and intersection optimization, we consider all travel modes, traffic patterns, and environmental issues to create a plan that is right for your community.

Tooele County Transportation Plan | Parametrix
Tooele County Active Transportation Implementation Plan
Tooele County, Utah
Client: Wasatch Front Regional Council

The Tooele County Transportation Plan sets the vision, policies, and implementation measures for transportation in Tooele County for the next 25 years and beyond. The Plan focuses primarily on Tooele Valley, the current population and economic center of the County. Parametrix managed the development of the plan. The Guiding Principles included support for a new highway in the middle of the valley, setting aside enough right-of-way on future roads, and creating a valley-wide trails network. The plan addresses traffic issues associated with projected future growth by improving the road network connectivity in the valley and creating different alternatives for travel to key destinations. Network plans for freight, transit and trails promoting walking and biking were developed. One cutting-edge component of the plan is its set of context-based “street types” that both incorporate all modes of travel and are sensitive to the different kinds of communities in Tooele Valley, whether urban, suburban, or rural. The planning process was coordinated with the General Plan update process, sharing a robust public outreach and stakeholder process, to ensure proposed transportation solutions work closely with land use plans.



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