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Parametrix is experienced in plant and station power and control system design and analysis. Our designs meet the tough reliability and operational demands of several industries including water resources, manufacturing, and military operations. Our team is experienced with a wide range of equipment and software products and can design and implement a turnkey solution for your project, from conception to startup, for any size of power and control system. We can help at any stage—evaluation, planning, funding, design, fabrication and installation, troubleshooting, or on-call maintenance and support.

Saltwater Pumping System | Parametrix
​Saltwater Pumping System Upgrades
​​Bremerton, Washington
Client: ​​Naval Base Kitsap

While at sea or in dry dock, ships must maintain a continuous circulation of seawater to charge fire suppression systems and cool critical components including nuclear reactors. Normally, seawater is drawn through intake ports in the ship’s hull. However, in dry dock, it is necessary to connect the ship to a reliable, high volume source of saltwater. The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard is equipped with a saltwater pumping system to supply saltwater to ships in dry dock. The system must operate without interruption 24 hours a day, seven days a week, adding complexity to design and testing efforts to improve system reliability and energy efficiency. Parametrix has been involved with several projects to eliminate pump damage caused by low-flow conditions and improve control system reliability. Upgrades were carefully planned to be installed without affecting the continuous operations of the system. We also developed a back-up control system that reduces the number of unplanned outages of saltwater supply to ships in dry dock and improved software to more quickly detect and diagnose problems with the pumping system.



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Parametrix was the first firm in Washington state to become Wonderware® System Platform Certified and has successfully implemented many System Platform installations since becoming certified in 2009. We currently have three Wonderware® System Platform certified developers on staff.