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Improving operational effectiveness through systems design

Parametrix is experienced in plant and station power and control system design and analysis. Our designs meet the tough reliability and operational demands of several industries including water resources, manufacturing, and military operations. Our team is experienced with a wide range of equipment and software products and can design and implement a turnkey solution for your project, from conception to startup, for any size of power and control system. We can help at any stage—evaluation, planning, funding, design, fabrication and installation, troubleshooting, or on-call maintenance and support.

Shelton Wastewater System | Parametrix
​Shelton Wastewater System Improvements
​​​Shelton, Washington
Client: ​City of Shelton

Parametrix designed multi-phased improvements to the City’s wastewater treatment system including upgrading the existing WWTP, a new satellite water reclamation facility, upgrades to Front Street Pump Station, and new Kneeland Park Pump Station. We designed power, lighting, and control systems for all facilities, as well as a system-wide SCADA system. The SCADA system allows the City to monitor system performance and potential daily energy usage from one central location. It provides for remote control of the satellite treatment plant, automation of the plant, a new communications system, and remote control of a new pump station at the Washington Corrections Center. The City plans to replace proprietary elements of the water SCADA system and add several stations to the wastewater SCADA system.



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Parametrix was the first firm in Washington state to become Wonderware® System Platform Certified and has successfully implemented many System Platform installations since becoming certified in 2009. We currently have three Wonderware® System Platform certified developers on staff.