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Flood Control

Implementing comprehensive flood control management programs

Flooding threatens both the built and natural environments. Parametrix partners with our clients to develop comprehensive flood control and prevention strategies including watershed and land use plans, flood channel and levee improvements, stormwater management approaches, and Endangered Species Act compliance.

Calistoga Setback Levee | Parametrix
Calistoga Setback Levee
Pierce County, Washington
Client: City of Orting

During large storms, the Puyallup River would often overtop the levee in Orting, threatening homes, schools, businesses, infrastructure, and habitat. After a major flood event in 2006, the City of Orting began working with Parametrix to improve the situation. This new 1.6 mile levee protects the City from flooding, widens the Puyallup River Channel, restores natural habitat, and promotes salmon recovery. The new levee survived its first big test with flying colors in November 2014 when the 4th largest flow since 1962 moved down the Puyallup River. Parametrix assisted the City to obtain funding for the project, designed the improvements, and provided construction management services. The project reconnects 46 acres of floodplain and an additional 55 acres of backwater/streambed habitat to the middle Puyallup River main stem, restoring salmon habitat for three ESA listed species. The project involved collaboration with multiple agencies for funding and approvals. The Calistoga Setback Levee is a model project for other communities with older levees or narrow river channels. Several local jurisdictions has already met with the City to learn how they successfully developed the project.

  • Project Achievement Award,  CMAA PNW Chapter, 2016
  • National Recognition Award,  ACEC National, 2016
  • Gold Award - Water Resources, ACEC Washington, 2016
  • Project of the Year, International Right of Way Association, 2015
  • Municipal Excellence Award, Association of Washington Cities, 2015

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