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Meet an Engineer: Harvin Flores


We're wrapping up Engineers Week 2020 today by introducing you to Harvin Flores. Harvin is a transportation engineer based out of Boise. He has 17 years of industry experience.

What inspired you to pursue a career in engineering?

Growing up, I had an uncle that was a civil engineer and he was definitely a big influence for me. Engineering seemed like a fun job and I liked the idea of designing a project and having the opportunity to be out there inspecting it.

What do you enjoy most about your career in engineering?

There are many things that I truly enjoy about engineering. I enjoy the team work and collaboration that goes into successfully completing a project. I also enjoy the interaction with the public and local agencies to come up with the best solution for everybody.

I also really like how engineering allows you a ce... (more)


Exploring Boise: My Experience as a Parametrix Office Exchange Traveler

Jenica Hillyard | 11-13-2018

Parametrix recently launched a new program called POET, which stands for Parametrix Office Exchange Traveler. This program creates the opportunity for employee-owners to travel to one of our 12 offices throughout the West for training, teaching, empowerment, and fun, all while getting to meet fellow employee-owners face to face. Jenica Hillyard, a transportation engineer from our Bremerton, WA office traveled to our Boise, ID office in late October. Read about her experience below.

Spending the last week of October in the Boise Office was such an amazing experience! I escaped the early morning Seattle fog and enjoyed the sunrise while passing over the Cascade Mountains.


Upon my arrival, I was given the grand tour of the Boise Office. Coming from a... (more)