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Students in Bend, OR get Involved in Newport Corridor Project


By Jessie Rykels-Wilson

The City of Bend’s Newport Corridor Improvement project is in the process of completely reconstructing Newport Avenue between College Way and 9th Street to the City’s current design standards. Parametrix is partnering with the City of Bend, contractor, Taylor Northwest, and construction manager, DOWL, to deliver this project.

A yield sign in front of a newly constructed roundabout

Part of the project involved reconstructing Nashville Avenue, a local road next to Highland Elementary School and since April 2020, kids, parents, and teachers have been navigating the construction zone on their way to school, including myself, as this is the school my kids attend. During initial demolition efforts, several trees were removed, which concerned some s... (more)


Employee-Owners Play a Role in Central Oregon Veteran’s Village


Just a few miles from Parametrix’s Bend, OR office there is a village of small homes coming together that will provide transitional housing for veterans experiencing homelessness. Employee-owners got involved in this project during the summer of 2020, providing both pro bono and donated services.

Two rows of homes in a semi-circle with a larger community center and parking lot

Aerial view of village layout

The Bend Heroes Foundation is leading the “Central Oregon Veteran’s Village” project, which is being built on county-owned land. This is a first of its kind project for Central Oregon. The facility will include a total of 15 individual housing units and a community center. The shelters are equipped with a bed, sink, toilet, sitting area, and heater. In addition, t... (more)


Bringing Solar Energy to Rural Oregon: Parametrix Conducts Natural Resources Survey and Permitting for Solar Facility


By Richard Roché, RG, LHG

Each year, Parametrix selects three projects of the year that exemplify our core values, mission, client service, and innovation. The Airport Solar project was named among the top three 2019 Parametrix Projects of the Year. Read about the project below.

Parametrix recently conducted a natural resources survey on the site of a solar energy electricity generating facility near Lakeview, OR. The team also monitored water resources, including mapping playas and potential wetlands within the 160-acre site.

Airport Solar project Mapping

The project included over 100 miles of mapping

Due to the very complicated site hydrology and soil conditions, challenges regarding defining playa edges, and evolving regulatory guidance, the project technical... (more)