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Meet Cedar Simmons, PE: Parametrix’s 2018 Employee-Owner of the Year

Courtney Purdin | 11-09-2018

Each year, we name an employee-owner of the year who fully exemplifies our core values of integrity, compassion, collaboration, fun, client service, and employee-ownership. Employee-owners nominate their coworkers and vote for a winner within each office and then our leadership team selects the overall company employee-owner of the year. That individual then has the opportunity to participate in Board of Directors meetings as the Employee-Owner Representative.

We are excited to announce that this year Cedar Simmons, PE was named Parametrix’s 2018 Employee-Owner of the Year. Cedar is based out of our Bremerton, WA office and is a part of our environmental planning & compliance industrial group.

I asked Cedar a few questions to learn more about her career and goals as employee-owner of the year.

Tell us about your career path – how did you get to where you are now?

After graduating fr... (more)


What Does “Employee Ownership” Mean to You?

Courtney Purdin | 10-19-2018

October is Employee Ownership Month. As a 100% employee-owned company, Parametrix proudly celebrates this month each year. I asked a few employee-owners, who also happen to serve as the Trustees of Parametrix’s Employee Stock Ownership Plan, what  “Employee Ownership” means to them.

cindyclark“Employee Ownership means that no matter what position you have  – upper management, accountant, word processor, surveyor, or a brand-new engineer straight out of college – each one of us has a voice because each one of us owns a part of Parametrix. Each one of us contributes to the bottom line. And best of all, each one of us directly benefits from the success of Parametrix.”

-Cindy Clark, PE



What did you do with your time off?

Courtney Purdin | 1-10-2018

In early December, Parametrix CEO Jeff Peacock announced that all employee-owners would receive FOUR extra paid days off in the week between Christmas and the New Year. What a huge gift! This was the result of all the hard work of employee-owners and the generosity of our company.

So, we asked employee-owners, what did you do with your extra time off? 

Some traveled far...

Grace Amundsen (Puyallup, WA) took her honeymoon in Thailand and Cambodia!



Meet the Leadership Team at Parametrix: Jeff Peacock, PE

Courtney Purdin | 3-06-2017

Jeff PeacockMeet Parametrix's CEO, Jeff Peacock, PE.

Jeff joined Parametrix in 1990 as a transportation staff engineer and was part of the transition from a closely held company to an employee-owned company that began in 1994.  In late 2008, he became president and chief executive officer. He is responsible for overall company growth and profitability. During that period he has been responsible for the development of three generations of the company’s Strategic Plan, which have included a significant focus on shaping the culture of Parametrix’s employee-owned, participative management company. Jeff oversees company-wide operations, strategic planning, and business development activities.

I sat down with Jeff and asked hi... (more)