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Common Environmental Terms (That We Use to Confuse You)


By Josh Channell, AICP, LEED-AP

Acronyms, permits, and documents… oh my! There’s a lot to navigate when it comes to environmental terms. For those of us who deal with this language daily, these are second nature. However, to someone who doesn’t work in the environmental realm these can be quite confusing! Contrary to the title of this blog post, these terms aren’t intended to confuse you. Check out this short list of some of the most common environmental terms we use on transportation projects.

NEPA: National Environmental Policy Act (of 1969) – Federal agencies must evaluate the environmental impacts of their projects. Applies to many projects receiving Federal money or that require Federal decisions (including some Federal permits)

Most Common Federal Permits:

Section 401: Clean Water Act – Requires water quality permits issued by State (NPDES permits)... (more)


The Internship Experience at Parametrix: Annette Misiurak


Parametrix is excited to have several interns across multiple disciplines and offices joining us this summer. We are proud to give our interns a meaningful experience which will guide them in their future career. Interns at Parametrix have the opportunity to work on exciting projects and have access to knowledgeable mentors.

AnnetteAnnette Misiurak is an environmental intern in our Bremerton, WA office. She started at Parametrix in April 2017. Annette is attending the University of British Columbia but is originally from Bremerton. She is studying Environmental Science with a focus on Conservation Ecology. We asked Annette a few questions about her background and her experience at Parametrix s... (more)