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Earning a Degree While Working: Employee-Owners Share their Experiences


Going back to school once you've entered the workforce can be challenging, but having the support of your employer can help! Recently Parametrix employee-owners Jade Parsons and Lonnie McKnight completed degrees with help from Parametrix's Educational Assistance Program. They share their stories and tips on how to balance work, school, and life.

Jade Parsons headshot

Jade Parsons is a surveyor based in our Bremerton, WA office. She recently graduated from the University of Florida's online program, earning a master's degree in geomatics. She says that she originally had no intention of pursuing a master's degree. When she began her career at Parametrix in 2017, she didn't have any previous knowledge of surveying. H... (more)


Parametrix Archaeologists Conduct Salvage Excavation of Human Remains in Eastern New Mexico

Ethan Kalosky | 9-27-2018

Co-Authored by Greg Mastropietro and Jessica Alden

It was a calm evening on the plains of eastern New Mexico in mid-August of this year. The sun was slowly setting and painting the sky in hues of yellows, oranges, reds, pinks, and purples reflecting off wispy cirrus clouds. A man was out walking along a desolate dirt road, the nearest house at least half a mile away. The man, Darren Pollock, is an entomology professor at Eastern New Mexico University (ENMU) in Portales, New Mexico. As he walked along the road about 30 miles west of Portales, swishing his bug net to collect samples of assassin flies for further study, he noticed a strangely shaped rock protruding out of the road cut. Naturally, his scientific curiosity led him to further investigate, and after careful digging, he removed a large stone spear point measuring 8.5 inches in length. Thrilled with his discovery, Dr. Pollock returned to the site with his s... (more)