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Affordable Housing in Chicago: Culminating my Master’s Degree with 6 Weeks of Service Learning and Research

Michael Baker | 8-16-2018

University of Utah ChicagoLAB 2018 participants. Photo courtesy of ChicagoLAB.

Salt Lake City Parametrix employee-owner, Michael Baker recently completed his Master of City and Metropolitan Planning degree at the University of Utah with the help of Parametrix’s educational benefit program.To culminate his degree, Michael participated in ChicagoLAB – an intensive summer research studio and service learning course in which students spent 6 weeks in Chicago meeting with local practitioners, networking and researching planning issues that matter to the city. This year, the project focused on maintaining housing affordability in Chicago’s Puerto Rican and Latino neighborhoods.

In cities everywhere, renters and homeowners are experiencing the increasing pressure of rising housing costs. In Chicago, the construction of the 606 Trail and linear park—like New York’s Highline Trail—sparked skyrocketin... (more)


Three Days in the Life of the Salmonberry Trail Valley Segment Planning Team

Jim Rapp | 11-02-2017

Story first published in different form on Oregon Parks and Recreation’s Salmonberry Trail website.

Background: The majestic coastline, forests, and farmlands of Northwest Oregon are sewn together by a historic passage known today as the Salmonberry Corridor. This scenic but rugged corridor was once home to the Pacific Railway and Navigation (“fondly” known for decades as Punk, Rotten and Nasty) rail line that connected the windswept coast of Tillamook County to the fertile Tualatin River Valley in Washington County, and linked with other rail lines to take freight and passengers into the City of Portland. This corridor is now being planned for the 84-mile long multiuse Salmonberry Trail. In between the Coast and the Valley, the future 84-mile-long Salmonbe... (more)