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Parametrix Employee-Owners Embark on the 12th Annual Boise Rafting Trip

Cody Janson | 8-09-2018

August 3 - 5 marked the 12th consecutive year a group of employee-owners from the Boise office have tamed the S. Fork of the Boise River Canyon. Parametrix employee-owners Doug Camenisch, Brock Strand, Matt Iseger, Trey Parry (from the Seattle office), and I spent 3 days rafting, camping, fishing, indulging, eating, and not discussing work! It’s amazing how peaceful life can be when you lose cell reception.

The S. Fork of the Boise River is home to some of the best wild rainbow trout fishing in the west and that proved accurate this year with over 100 fish landed by the group (all but two fish taco candidates were released unharmed). Highlights for the year included: Cody and Trey finding both sheds to a 7 point bull elk, 88 degree days, cliff jumping, the Buffalo Creek Rapid, and a canyon all to ourselves! Only 5 other rafts floated through all weekend.

This trip is a great tradition that we all look forward to... (more)


Parametrix has offices in 7 of the hippest cities in the nation

Courtney Purdin | 12-11-2017

When the 20 Hippest Cities in the US list came out, we can’t say we were too surprised that seven of the cities that we have offices in were on the list. You can often find employee-owners gathering at cool lunch spots near the office, getting together after work for happy hour, hitting the slopes, hiking, or river rafting.

Find out from our employee-owners what the best spots in their cities are.

Seattle, WA - #20