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Earth Day 2023: Projects that are Making a Difference


“Restoring the health of the planet for future generations” is part of Parametrix’s purpose statement. With the recent acquisition of Good Company, A Division of Parametrix, we’re excited to expand our services related to climate resiliency, adaptation, and sustainability. This Earth Day, we celebrate the progress made while recognizing drastic change must happen to ensure the health of the planet for future generations.

Here are just a couple projects we are proud to be a part of that are making a difference in the fight against climate change.


Building Resiliency: Oregon Department of Energy Cooling Needs Study

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Greenhouse Gas Inventories: Understanding Your Organization's Impact


By Claudia Denton and Louisa de Heer

What is your organization’s impact on the environment? And how can you understand that impact to meaningfully reduce it? It may be hard to know where to start, but a good first step is to conduct a greenhouse gas inventory.

Simply put, a greenhouse gas inventory measures an organization’s current carbon footprint, which can include both direct and indirect emissions pathways. A greenhouse gas inventory is often the first step in the process that an organization will take toward doing their part in slowing climate change and creating a more sustainable, resilient, and responsible future.

Climate Process Steps include hotspot analyses, Goal setting, develop climate action plan, measure and report

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